…. Feb 2015

No Added Sugar SS15 advertising

Let us play – and that we did

Images Delphine Chanet

… Nov 2014

Molton Brown SS15


Early drawing of the dress. Working on the SS14 campaign for Molton Brown.  I get to design and have a dress made and then Sandra gets to shoot it on a lake.  Super fun.

First bits of embroidery – so exciting working at hand and lock watching all the embroidery. Lucky me.  Thanks for the amazing dutches silk @ joelandson.  Love that place.

… Sept 2014


Blogging next story coming soon… Sandra and I shot this story in Sweden with Livia 13yrs.

Images Sandra Freij

…Sept 2013

Hackett SS14 Lookbook 

Shooting with Jo paterson. David Hockney Story – mini.  Super cute.  Great working with you Mr Jeremy Hackett.  Glad you liked the old colours magazines.  They are some of my favs.  Lots of jumping around today , almost popped my baby but she’s holding on in there (not long now).  Thanks for a fun day Jo.

Images by Sandra Freij

…18th April 2013

La Petite

Boxer Boys? Ballerina Girls?  I don’t think so…

Images by Sandra Freij

…20th January 2013


Stills from a shoot for Union Magazine. Camera obscura story… Nice bugs Lucy. Check out the full story on my website.

Images by Emma Macfarlane on my iphone (whilst Sandra was shooting – I can take no credit 😉

…6th November 2012


Stills from a film I worked on recently, commissioned by Lau.  It screened at Kingsplace, London on 20th October 2012 and is traveling round the country as we speak.

A film by Ruth Paxton

Images shot on set by Olivia Rutherford

Cast: Kim Chapman – Burlesque Performer and Louis Paxton – Boxer and Director

* Once it finishes the rounds I’ll put the film up

1st November 2012


Eve’s story is completed – yipeee!

PASSINGUSBY wanders through the fragmented narratives that swirl in the universe imagined by Sandra Freij (photographer) and Emma Macfarlane (stylist). Emma and Sandra have worked together on various projects over the past 5 years creating inhabited worlds. During that time there were many places they earmarked for exploration. A chance meeting with a stranger’s face was all it took to set this in motion. This project is a space for all their homeless moments and noticed details. It is a journey through imaginations, images, text, objects and sounds traveled by muses that would otherwise have passed them by.

So we’ve meet Eve. We believe Eve dreams in shades of black. We decided to turn her world pastel. As she spills her dreams, she often finds herself shipwrecked. There was this one time, she discovered herself at the bottom of the Thames right under Blackfriars Bridge. Luckily, the tide was out and she was washed ashore and we found her… This is Eve’s story…

1st October 2012

A project by Emma Macfarlane & Leonie Hampton

Exhibited at part of the Feminine Touches series Curated by Serena Babowski. Presented at the Shunt Arches, London

The images were placed in a series of narrow, glass tiled tunnels, beneath London Bridge Station. Each picture was back lit and hung as if floating, at the back of one of these rather strange little arches. Headphones where places at the bottom of the caves. An old rickety ladder moved around allowing people to climb up and peer into the spaces… As people popped their heads into view they placed the headphones on and listened to the watery worlds of our ladies. See below for more details.

The pictures were taken in the evening whilst the women bathed. I have links to their stories… when I find them I will pop them up.

Photography Leonie Hampton










Note – October 2012
  • Emma Macfarlane Mother of 1, Boy 19 months
  • Bronie Almost grandmother to 1, sex unknow
  • Pinny Mother of 1, Boy 3yrs (or so)
  • Celia Mother of 2, 1 Girl 2yrs, 1 Boy 5 months
  • Pam Grandmother of 2, 2 Girls, 2yrs and 12yrs (i think)
  • Leonie Hampton Pregnant
  • Serena Bobowski Pregnant

21st September 2012

The Front Cover of Mari Sarai’s New Book, Naked

Naked, Mari Sarai, Emma Macfarlane, John Galliano, Glass Magazine, www.theglassmagazine.com, i am, i am, i am, joji koyama, fashion film, fashion nudes, stylist naked front cover,

Lindsay London 2010

The Cover was shot during our shooting of the film i am, i am, i am, for Glass Magazine

NAKED runs at Blackall Studios, Shoreditch from September 16 – 20, including one of me heavily pregnant – yikes!!!  Well done Mari.

1st September 2012

From Nose To Mouth

A Film By Joji Koyama

Styled by Emma Macfarlane – me

An animate! commission. Funded through Finetake by Arts Council England and Channel 4. I had such fun working with Joji on this.  Thanks Joji.

  • Starring: Hisae Mizutani and Silvia Mercuriali
  • Director of Photography: Phillip Blaubach
  • Styling Emma Macfarlane
  • Music: Isambard Khroustaliov


In a disorientating arena of shifting boundaries, a girl struggles with a set of bizarre lessons and tasks.

If you want to watch the film in it’s 18min entirety go to animateprojects

September 2012


Photography Judith Erwes

Here is a taster from a series of images Judith and I worked on off from the street and their dogs. Shot in one day outside my studio on Belfast Rd. Some how I manged to get roped into dropping the boys off at the end of the day, all over London I don’t know, dogs and all.  Three dogs in a small car is quite a handful. Especially these dogs.  Secretly it was the best part of the day. It’s funny but very quickly it emerged how much these lads cared for their dogs which seemed to be the only permanent things in their life. I was touched and grateful to see the way these complicated friendships between the dog and their boy were revealed.  I think I saw true love that day. Thank you.

I was was nipped and I still have the scar to show for it 😉 … my phone got used an awful lot that day, which I thought was cute. I got to listen in, no one seemed to mind.

September 2012

Silver Columns, Yes and Dance, Press Pictures

Photography Judith Erwes

Silver Columns, Yes and Dance, Jonny Pictish, Adem, Adem Ilhan, Judith Erwes, Emma Macfarlane, Raf Simmons,

Silver Columns, Moshi Moshi Records, Adem, Adem Ilhan, Fridge, Emma Macfarlane, Judith Erwes, Jonny Pictish, Pictish Trail

Silver Columns, Adem, Adem Ilhan, Jony Pictish, Pictish Trail, Moshi Moshi Records, Emma Macfarlane, Judoth Erwes, Fashion Stylist

Silver Columns, Moshi Moshi Records, Adem, Adem Ilhan, Fridge, Emma Macfarlane, Judith Erwes, Jonny Pictish, Pictish Trail

– funny boys –

May 2012


A Film by Ruth Paxton

Commissioned by Milan’s Festival Delle Lettere. Based on a letter about beauty, by Italian actor Vittorio Gassman

Photography by Siri Rodness

Looked beautiful Ruth. So pleased to see it played at the London film festival.

* Once it finishes the rounds I’ll put the film up

Hats by Stephen Jones – thanks Stephen.  All other clothes Vivienne Westwood.

an aside

My old friend

Emma Macfarlane, Judith Erwes, Fashion Stylist, Horse head, Horse Fashion, Animal Fashion, Nylon Magazine,

Photography Judith Erwes